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Private Labeled Products

Private-labeled products are typically those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand.

Sounds simple – with LIAVITA it is!

There are many benefits by using LIAVITA’s bulk finished or private labeled products.  A major benefit of using LIAVITA as your Supplement and Vitamin Private Label Manufacturer is freeing up your companies time to focus on marketing and sales and not worry about facility assessment, ingredient procurement, production and manufacturing.  Freeing up critical resources to focus on maximizing sales.

Most common private label supplement brands are store brands in vitamin stores, food retailers and even department stores. They are designed to compete against branded products, offering customers a more cost effective alternative to national brands. Though the public is generally aware and sees them as low-cost imitations of branded supplement products, LIAVITA has overcome this reputation and achieved significant growth in recent years, particularly in Nutraceutical private label manufacturing segment including vitamins, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, antioxidants, herbs, amino acids, probiotics and liquid products supporting changes in lifestyles and customer demographics.

Private labeling your own supplements saves time, money, and effort. By purchasing a private label solution, you have a custom product to offer to your customers.  You preserve the flexibility to set your own prices, you are able to offer quality product at lower prices to compete against major brands.  This protects your margins while increasing your sales and profits.

Key Benefits of Private Label Supplement Include:

  • Ability to market our pharmaceutical/USP Grade supplements as your own.
  • Reduced or elimination of upfront formulation and scale-up lead-time, costs and efforts.
  • Opportunity to easily enhance your company’s image and expand your product portfolio offerings
  • Customization options and GMP manufacturing standards.
  • Reaffirm customer credibility and loyalty with your brand investment
  • Flexibility in setting your own prices.
  • Lower product costs and higher margins for private label buyers.
  • Customize your entire production from conception, formulation, packaging, label design, to delivery.
  • Our extensive industry and technical expertise to minimize your risk.

Impact of Private Label Supplement

Brand Loyalty

National brands are sold all over, so there’s no real sense of brand loyalty in terms of where consumers buy them. Private labeling is unique and you control the distribution, which cultivates a sense of brand loyalty and keeps your customer coming back to you. Consumers are now more considerate to private labels as an acceptable alternative to national brands. You can capitalize on this shift in public perception by offering your quality private label supplement products, creating brand loyalty as your products are only sold by you.  Positioning your brand with a significant advantage over your competitors who only carry brand name products, which do not offer exclusive distribution or a reason to come back to you.

Lower Prices and Higher Margins

Private label goods are generally less expensive to produce than branded goods, due to the lack of advertising and marketing expenses on the manufacturer’s side. You are able to purchase private label goods for much less than you would pay for comparable branded products. The cost difference is usually large enough allowing you to offer customers lower prices while still making higher profit margins, while not compromising quality. Lower prices are enticing to customers and increase your credibility. Your success will establish your product as a brand, marketing your private label products, as an alternative to national brands will ultimately lead you to higher profits.