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 CoQ10 2.0?

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) is a vitamin-like compound found in plants,  having a wide range of benefits for the brain, nervous system, mitochondrial function, sustained cellular energy and anti-oxidant activity.  PQQ involves a direct action on key enzymes involved in the energy producing compartments in our cells – the mitochondria.  As a result PQQ improves energy production.  PQQ not only protects mitochondria from oxidative stress—it also promotes the spontaneous generation of new mitochondria within aging cells, a process known as Mitochondrial Biogenesis or Mitochondriogenesis. This effect is a “fountain of youth” for mitochondrial function.

NaturalPQQ Is produced exclusively from Natural Fermentation and is Pure Pharmaceutical Grade.


Natural GSH

Natural GSH™

Glutathione is recognized as the super antioxidant. Natural GSH™ is your frontline defense against daily environmental free radicals that can adversely affect your immune system and liver.  Natural GSH™ supports in the detoxification of these harmful free radicals which promotes a healthier body. Natural GSH™ is L-Glutathione or Reduced Glutathione and is superior to other glutathiones because it is produced exclusively from fermentation, a natural product method-not synthetic chemical synthesis.

Samesyl™ logo

(S-Adenosylmethionine) is the only brand of Butandisulfonate SAM-e available in the North America.   Butanedisulfonate SAM-e has been show to have superior absorption vs common Toyslate Salt SAM-e.  Butanedisulfonate is the preferred form of SAM-e by Physicians, Medical Experts and Mental Health Experts around the world.   Samesyl is available in enteric-coated tablets or as a powder.  Butanedisulfonate SAM-e has been recognized for decades as a powerful and effective  joint health, mood health and liver health molecule.



Citruvia™ is extracted from Sweet orange (Citrus Sinensis L.) Bioflavonoid complex extract (peel). Citruvia™ is used for therapeutic support of various disorders associated with CVI(Chronic Venous Insufficiency)  including hemorrhoids, varicose veins, poor circulation in the legs and PMS.


A proprietary form Collagen for use in dietary supplements, cosmetics and foods.


Apricorx is brand new Liver Health ingredient derived from Apricot.  Apricorx has shown to be effective for liver health and detoxification. Apricorx is the top Liver Health ingredient in Europe and is now available in North America.